CoRE Partnership Building Workshop

  1. CoRE stands for Collaborative Regional Education, a partnership between regional preschools, K12 schools, and Jacksonville State University. On Nov. 1, 2012, we unveiled our hopes and plans for CoRE. These are my notes from the workshop.
    The first talk of the workshop was by Dr. Billie McConnell and Mr. George Saltsman of Abilene Christian University.
  2. TanyaSasser
    3 trends in Ed.: rich media, social connections, content access; all coalesce into mobility #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 06:59:26
  3. TanyaSasser
    Facebook has 1,000,000% of images in Library of Congress #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:00:29
  4. TanyaSasser
    75% of all homeless youth use social media #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:01:18
  5. TanyaSasser
    7 out of 10 children are tablet users #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:02:28
  6. TanyaSasser
    Problem of print age was finding info.; the problem of the digital age is assessing info. #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:06:23
  7. TanyaSasser
    Teachers: if you are giving your Ss the answers and/or giving them the questions, you are robbing them #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:08:04
  8. TanyaSasser
    Mobile tech is restructuring formal learning and informal learning and redefining literacy, community, & authority #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:11:34
  9. TanyaSasser
    21st c learning needs to be student-centered and use tech w/a purpose #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:17:16
  10. TanyaSasser
    Standardized testing means there’s only one answer and it’s the only one that’s right: standardizes thinking #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:25:34
  11. TanyaSasser
    By putting tech in the teacher’s hands w/minimal training, we’re still supporting old pedagogy but expect different outcomes #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:27:22
  12. TanyaSasser
    There’s still a disconnect between learning and learning; tech is slowly abandoned & old status quo is re-established #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:28:37
  13. This note should read “There’s still a disconnect between learning and technology . . .”
  14. TanyaSasser
    When tech fails, we blame the tech & hope the next great tech will be the answer #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:29:19
  15. TanyaSasser
    Ss need: access to today’s tools; prepared for global, technological, informational, & collaborative world; to learn independently #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:31:38
  16. TanyaSasser
    Future teachers will continue to think inside the box if WE continue to teach inside the box b/c they don’t know anything else #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:33:12
  17. TanyaSasser
    Standardization kills creativity: kindergarteners are most creative; creativity decreases w/ each year in school #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:34:51
  18. TanyaSasser
    When we teach Bloom’s from bottom up we never make it 2 the top (due 2 time & test prep) but Ss learn 2 think 4 themselves at the top #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:37:43
  19. TanyaSasser
    Some kids are good at memorizing things and make A’s without having to think about the content #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:39:38
  20. TanyaSasser
    Some people think college’s job is to teach kids to think #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:40:13
  21. TanyaSasser
    What if we taught Bloom’s backwards? What if I gave you the problem before the knowledge/understanding of content? #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:41:15
  22. TanyaSasser
    What if we make Ss go get the knowledge needed to solve the problem? Makes information immediately relevant #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:42:14
  23. TanyaSasser
    What if Ss don’t need the teacher to learn the information? What if they learn on their own or from peers? #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:43:50
  24. TanyaSasser
    Or they may choose to learn from teacher. #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:44:09
  25. TanyaSasser
    We don’t know what the world will look like 5 yrs from now, but we’re preparing Ss for it #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:46:37
  26. TanyaSasser
    We like to use word “rigorous,” but really mean “hard.” This is not a viable model. Outcomes are not going to change. #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:48:51
  27. TanyaSasser
    HEAT framework for 21st c learning: higher-order thinking, engages learner, authentic learning, technology use #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:50:19
  28. TanyaSasser
    Focus should be on learning, not technology for tech integration to be successful #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:53:41
  29. TanyaSasser
    What do we want Ss to look like at the end of elementary, middle school, and high school? #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:54:52
  30. TanyaSasser
    Teaching & learning and technology need to be wholly integrated as one; 21st c is not about tech, it’s about people solving problems #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:56:16
  31. TanyaSasser
    Tech is a tool to solve a problem, not find answers that already exist #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:57:02
  32. TanyaSasser
    21st c classroom needs to be about thinking, collaborating, and creating #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:57:51
  33. TanyaSasser
    We’ve got to change the culture of school, not just the pedagogy or the tech or where we spend money #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 07:59:14
  34. TanyaSasser
    To create culture change, 15%-30% is all you need for critical mass–committed sardines; allow rest to self-select out #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 08:00:33
  35. TanyaSasser
    Teacher prof development has to be ongoing and long-term; hit or miss PD doesn’t work #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 08:01:19
  36. TanyaSasser
    Preschool, K12, and higher ed. have to be co-learners and co-teachers to make culture change #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 08:03:12
  37. TanyaSasser
    We have to start learning from our failures in education #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 08:04:21
  38. TanyaSasser
    PD can’t just be about learning how to use technology #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 08:05:01
  39. TanyaSasser
    We tend to use tech in the same standardized ways we use everything else, then tech becomes a part of the problem #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 08:06:36
  40. TanyaSasser
    Ss don’t want to use tech for standardized learning (giving/collecting assignments, taking tests, fill-in-the-blank) #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 08:07:40
  41. TanyaSasser
    Focus on teachers who are willing and desirous of ed. reform first; the rest will follow via their influence and successes #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 08:49:16
  42. TanyaSasser
    Ed. reform needs to be system-wide so we’re all sharing same vision, going in the same direction, and focused on same outcomes #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 08:50:51
  43. The second talk was given by Dr. Alicia Simmons, Executive Director of the Office of Planning and Research at JSU.
  44. TanyaSasser
    Research and evaluation are important to measure success and effectiveness of change #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 08:51:33
  45. TanyaSasser
    Research and evaluation allow us to share what works with others #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 08:52:04
  46. TanyaSasser
    Dual enrollment increases first-time freshman retention, even with Ss with low entrance scores #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 08:52:58
  47. TanyaSasser
    Dual enrollment is an integral part of PK12/higher ed. partnership #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 08:53:50
  48. TanyaSasser
    Teacher prep is essential to ed. reform #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 08:54:37
  49. The third talk was given by Monte Rector of Apple.
  50. TanyaSasser
    Education is not a business; it’s a personal experience #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 09:00:58
  51. TanyaSasser
    Culture eats strategy every day of the week. #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 09:08:40
  52. TanyaSasser
    Our culture needs to be learning. #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 09:09:05
  53. TanyaSasser
    Schools need to be learning ecosystems #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 09:11:27
  54. TanyaSasser
    Without collaboration and cooperation, ecosystems can’t survive; all members of ecosystem are interdependent #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 09:13:33
  55. The final talk was given by Jolanda Westerhof of AASCU.
  56. TanyaSasser
    Ed has been arranged marriage: PK12=placement service, higher ed was selective ivory tower detached from process of preparing the Ss #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 10:49:21
  57. TanyaSasser
    3 domains of college readiness: academic, social, and personal #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 10:51:07
  58. TanyaSasser
    88% of dropouts were struggling in 3rd grade #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 10:52:34
  59. TanyaSasser
    High school is too little too late (same can be said of college) #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 10:53:03
  60. TanyaSasser
    We need long-term investments in ed that we may not see payoff for immediately #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 10:54:40
  61. TanyaSasser
    Don’t wait for change to come from others #pk20
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 10:58:00

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