Other Publications

This is a list of pieces I have published in places other than here.

Data Mining in the Trenches: Using Storify to Teach Research (article for Hybrid Pedagogy)

Digital Writing as Handicraft (article for Digital Writing Month)

Bring Your Own Disruption: Rhizomatic Learning in the Composition Class (article for Hybrid Pedagogy)

Digital Writing (Haiku Deck presentation)

Embrace the Messiness: Lessons from a 21st Century Classroom (slideshow and notes for a presentation I gave at a CoRE workshop for regional k12 teachers)

Using Games-Based Learning to Teach Transmedia Reading and Writing (slideshow for presentation given at JSU Writing Project 21st Century Conference: Revisiting Writing in the 21st Century)

Five Essential Steps for Gamifying Education (article for Gamifeye)

Alter Egos, Avatars, and Analytical Writing: Immersive Role-Playing in the Composition Classroom (article for Virtual Education Journal)

Press Play to Start: Integrating Games-Based Learning into Your Classroom (presentation for 2014 CoRE Academy at Jacksonville State University)

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